【Kotobukiya】Lively Lillie&Clefairy PVC Figure Statue (1:8 Scale) review


[About this item]

This is the second Lillie figurine produced by Kotobukiya. After the outfit change, she looks not just different but confident!


Price: 9180 yen (≅$80.7)

Scale: 1/8 

Determined to stop her evil mother, Lusamine she changed into the new outfit of her own choice, which means she was independent of her mother and began to stand on her own feet. I bet many people got surprised by her bold act back then.

Now let’s take a close look at the figure in comparison with the last one, “Lillie and Cosmog”.



Her hair color looks darker yellow than the last one’s even though it may be somewhat influenced by your monitors and the pictures. She’s yellow colored rather than blonde, which is all very well, but it’s a shame when it comes to monotonous gradation.


As far as I know, Pokemon has not specified the character’s race in the game, so she’s not classified as a particular one, and yet has a white skin as compared to the others. IMO, she’s not allowed so often to go outside in the light of someone and something she grew up with; if so, no wonder her pale skin.

Since the figure is based on the illustration above, the skin color does her justice, but this is nothing new and holds good for the other toys like Nendroid and the one with the music box. The one from Megahouse seems like the only exception that has a reddish skin as if she got sunburn; I attribute the surface to the anime it’s based on.

I’m not sure Kotobukiya intends Pokemon figures to be as such, but this one is affixed with the base, and you can’t move it. Remove the screw((the back of the base)) and might be able to take her off the base. In that case, user discretion is advised. You’d best not do anything wrong, though.


Having her hairstyle altered and not wearing a hat makes her face look a little bit smaller, just a trick of the eyesight I guess?


Although it may not be clear, her shoes are glossy and feel smooth, which is exactly brand new, very nice.

At a glance, the base is pretty much the same, but a closer look reveals it’s decorated with ivy, but not with flowers.



From the right.
Looks bigger, I think…?






From the left.



As you can see from the right, she has larger breasts than she used to be. Her posing makes me feel like that, but she’s still in her early teens, after all, it’s not uncanny. Well, being healthy is a good thing.


Btw, me when I first saw Lillie wearing that outfit:


“Wow, too short skirt!”


…However as a statue, the length is rather good, I mean, it looks easy to see the inside but as a matter of fact, unless you look up from the bottom, you can’t. Seducing girl for her age, what a chick!


Next up is Clefairy. This pokemon is even larger than you might expect; quite an imposing figure! You know Clefairy has a chunky body, and so does a thickness. With this body, it can give a good punch.







Clefairy also has the base that allows it to stand on its own feet.


All in all, if you’re a big fan of Lillie, then I recommend it. The figure is true of the original illustration. How her hair moves and the expression she has on her face will give you an outgoing impression.

As for Clefairy, it’s high-profile enough, not keeping itself from becoming in her way, that’s awesome.

They’re posing likewise, which is very adorable.


So the score I give to the figure is…



I’d give it a 5 star rating on Amazon. Nicely sculptured, dynamic posture, and superb Clefairy.





Come on, what did you do with the most important part!? Where can I find her underwear!?▼



For horny guys, I’ve saved the best for last.

The color of her underwear

She wears a white one this time as well that looks tight. It used to be something like drawers. Here is a pic for reference.




・Height: 17㎝(from foot to the top of head)

・From knee to skirt: 2.5㎝


・Height: 7㎝(from foot to the left ear)



・Not for children under 8 years


・Figure statue: PVC・ABS

・Base: ABS・screw




If you’d like to see it at another angle, please e-mail me. I’ll put my best forward to comply with your expectations.

Get it on Amazon or Preorder here:https://www.pokemoncenter.com/kotobukiya%3A-lively-lillie-clefairy-figure-703-03155