【C95】took part in Comic Market 95. 【2nd day of the Comiket】

Comic Market 95 took place during the last three days of 2018. There were over 570,000 participants confirmed in this event alone, marking the highest number in history.

My journey begins. (2nd day of the Comiket)


It’s my third time in Comiket. Fire Emblem Cipher’s booth had made me go there for the years, but it’s not my sole purpose this time around; to get doujin was my second goal to achieve.

Tokyo, the venue of Comiket is far away from the Kansai region, where I live. Since it was slated for the end of the year, it cost me about 33,000 yen (306 bucks) to take the Shinkansen or Bullet Train though the price varies from time to time.

I was going to participate from the second day so that I would apply for the talk events. To do so required the earliest departure possible, so I had to catch the first train. My local railway, however, is notorious for the fare and the little numbers of trains available. Missing the first one almost amounted to being late for the time I was supposed to get on board: 7:00 a.m.

I got up at 4:00 a.m and was all set for departure in an instant. Just before 5:00 I left home for my journey along with my sister. We had no trouble in taking the train because we had prepared soon enough.

Two hours later, we managed to get on the Shinkansen as scheduled. It took two and half an hours to reach the destination even at the speed of Shinkansen((We have three types of trains: Nozomi, Hikari, and Kodama. For Xenoblade fans btw, Hikari is also Mythra’s Japanese name. However, it’s the second fastest, so I always make fun of it. Besides, Hikari is written in red on the screen in spite of the name. It’s not just Mythra, but Pyra. How interesting!)), which was second only to the airplanes in Japan.


We saw it snowing along the way. The field is covered with snow.

Somewhere in the Kansai region.


“Due to the accumulated snow, this train is seven minutes behind schedule.” the conductor said.


Despite the announcement, the train eventually made it in time to the destination.

TOKYO BIG SIGHT is close to Tokyo International Exhibition Center Sta. To get there, we had to change at Shimbashi to Yurikamome((Rinkai Line is also available, but is a bit time-consuming.)).


Shimbashi Sta. Maybe under construction?


Although it was around 10 p.m when we got on Yurikamome, the train was filled with the people heading off to BIG SIGHT, which told us how high-profile the Comiket was. Holding tight in a packed train always takes some energy away from me. Twenty minutes later with a little fatigue, we were finally there—for the third time in my life.


Arrived in Big sight, long lines in store for us.


After five minutes’ walk from the station, the long lines came into sight that we had to join. The crowd was on the opposite side of BIG SIGHT. I was not sure how much longer we had to wait as the waiting time depends on when you come.

The Comiket administrators did not allow us to sit to save the space, so we kept standing for a while. I didn’t care about the cold, but some fatigue distracted me. Still, they let us inside BIG SIGHT an hour later.

We made it to the fourth floor of the west wing around 11:30. All we had to do was to locate the FE Cipher booth to join the line, but we struggled to reach it because of very little research conducted in advance. I mean, I knew at least the booth number but did not where it was.


Fire Emblem Cipher booth. As you can see below the signboard, some items are out of stock.


A desperate search gave us access to the line for the booth in a few minutes. I thought it wouldn’t be long before I could take my turn from what I’d seen; the people standing in line were not as many. I was right. Half an hour was enough for my turn to come. Twitter told me that some of the items had already sold out, so I made do with the ones available: Camilla’s tapestry and a music CD by Social Knights, Shippū-jinrai, but it’s ok because I wanted them as well. Guess what else I’d been looking for? It’s Domiteria and Celica’s tapestry.

Move on to the east wing.

Following the successful purchase, we decided to move on to the east wing, where doujin distribution was under way.

The east wing stands nearly adjacent to the west one, but you will have to take a detour through the slope.

The entrance was already full of the people going in and out of the premises.


That’s the east wing. In a search for their coveted doujin…


In Comiket, Doujin circles break down to the three sorts: so-called in-island, wall-side, and shutter-side. These names indicate how many people are likely to buy their doujin. If something is large-scale, we call them wall-side circles and the best-selling ones are allocated near the shutter, hence the name.

Wall-side and shutter-side circles have a bunch of professional illustrators and manga artists who are renowned for the general media out there such as anime, manga, video games and you name it.

The rest of them have their stalls at the center of the architect; they are the ordinary people if you like.

My objective was to drop in at Fire Emblem and Xenoblade Chronicles to get doujin if possible.

First off, we headed to Xenoblade area found it in ten minutes. They looked, however, difficult to talk to, and I was at a loss how to interact in the first place. So I concluded.


“I still have the big day tommorow, so better give it up this time.”


My favorite illustrators came before everything else: saitom and CHOCO. A close look at this website would reveal why I chose the two because they have something in common.

I spotted Brighid using the smartphone; she must’ve been there to sell.

We had got the chance to participate in the talk event of Katsuyuki Konishi((He did the voice of Xander in JPN ver.)) and spared it the rest of time.


Let’s have a break!

Everytime Comiket provides people with a battle of lemon-taste tea that features in the package some girls from a particular circle. You can get it from any vending machines in BIG SIGHT. The price is a little bit high (200 yen) but since this is something of a souvenir it doesn’t matter.


“Would you like to have a petite break my master?” it says.