【Kotobukiya】Lillie & Cosmog 1/8 scale figure statue

This post may be belated…?

Height: 22 cm
Price: 9,180 yen (including tax)
Date: 15/02/2018
Scale: 1/8

This is the first Lille’s scale figure.

She looks pale.




Based on the specimen, she has as pale skin as snow.  I took these photos of the figure lit in a dark room, but that doesn’t explain it. 







Her pinkish waist seems designed as such. Her hair is painted in a monotone and leaves much to be desired; she would look better if it were more colorful.

How about her underwear?

People are always clicking the pictures of inside her skirt, but this website is not for underwear reviews, so don’t get it wrong, please!?











Her face is well sculptured and true to the original. Put it beside another figurine, and a new story will come into being, which is interesting to see.


Lillie accompanied with Selene.



True to the original artwork and dynamic.

Pretty face.

She takes the pose that will fit in with another figurine.




Monotone hair.

Stands on one foot.

Unremovable hat.



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