【Hobby Japan】Maso-kenki Kaguya pillow cover 【saitom】

What I’m showing you now is “Maso-kenki Kaguya pillowcase,” which is based on Kaguya from Queen’s Blade Grimoire and its OVA; she is designed and illustrated by saitom, aka Saito Masatsugu. Here’s the link to the post:【Hobby Japan】Maso-kenki Kaguya pillow cover 【saitom】

【saitom】TORANOANA exclusive B2 tapestry with saitom Illustration Works

Another saitom tapestry for TORANOANA. “Saitom Illustration works” is his first artwork collection, which came out in February 2018. You can get it on any e-commerce websites such as Amazon, Rakuten and you name it. On a side note, I didn’t know it existed until I bought two, fair enough. Caution! This is a link post: 【saitom】TORANOANA exclusive B2 tapestry with saitom Illustration Works

【saitom】Melonbooks exclusive saitom’s original character B2 tapestry【C95】

As I said before (and over and over again), I love saitom’s artworks thanks to Xenoblade Chronicles 2, in which he is credited as the main character designer: Saito Masatsugu((Maybe his original name. saitom is chiefly for doujin activities.)). In the last post, I wrote about the B2 tapestry exclusive for TORANOANA, and this time let’s take a look at the one only for melonbooks. Caution! This is a link post: 【saitom】Melonbooks exclusive saitom’s original character B2 tapestry【C95】

Unboxing Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Acrylic Art board!

The long-awaited acrylic board finally arrived a few days ago. The board is a meet-up for the characters designed by Masatsugu Saito. Only for My Nintendo store, it’s a limited offer and currently unavailable for preorder or purchase. ⚠CAUTION! This post contains some spoilers. Viewer discretion is advised.

Resident Evil RE:2 Unboxning Leon S. Kennedy figure statue!

I’ve been waiting long enough to play Resident Evil 2, and it’s out now. Are you guys having fun? It’s been ages since I got immersed in a game last time. So then, I unbox Mr. Kennedy’s figure, which comes with “BIOHAZARD RE:2 COLLECTOR’S EDITION”.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 A4 size transparent poster set Review

This item is exclusive for My Nintendo store of Japan, priced at 5,500 yen (about 49 bucks), which contains 21 pieces in all. Please note that it’s out of stock and no longer available as of Nov. 30th because Nintendo provided the limited numbers to those who preordered it.