Xenoblade Chronicles

  • 2019年2月9日
  • 2019年3月11日

Unboxing Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Acrylic Art board!

The long-awaited acrylic board finally arrived a few days ago. The board is a meet-up for the characters designed by Masatsugu Saito. Only for My Nintendo store, it’s a limited offer and currently unavailable for preorder or purchase. ⚠CAUTION! This post contains some spoilers. Viewer discretion is advised.

  • 2018年12月5日
  • 2019年1月4日

The Pros and Cons of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 in Japan.

As of Sep. 2018, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 has sold 1.3 million plus copies worldwide, which is outselling past games in the series. Despite the biggest sales, some people consider it to be inferior to the first one, Xenoblade Chronicles. So why is it that polarizing?

  • 2018年11月30日
  • 2019年1月4日

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 A4 size transparent poster set Review

This item is exclusive for My Nintendo store of Japan, priced at 5,500 yen (about 49 bucks), which contains 21 pieces in all. Please note that it’s out of stock and no longer available as of Nov. 30th because Nintendo provided the limited numbers to those who preordered it.

  • 2018年11月8日
  • 2019年1月4日

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Original Soundtrack Talk show & Autograph event by its composers

The OST for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 was out on May 23, when the composers’ talk show and the autograph event took place. All of the four composers were supposed to participate on that day only, so I decided to go to the first venue, Tokyo Shinjuku instead of the last one Osaka. Please note that there may be something obscure about this post because it was about 6 months back.