Xenoblade Chronicles2

  • 2019年3月1日
  • 2019年9月14日

【saitom】Melonbooks exclusive saitom’s original character B2 tapestry【C95】

As I said before (and over and over again), I love saitom’s artworks thanks to Xenoblade Chronicles 2, in which he is credited as the main character designer: Saito Masatsugu((Maybe his original name. saitom is chiefly for doujin activities.)). In the last post, I wrote about the B2 tapestry exclusive for TORANOANA, and this time let’s take a look at the one only for melonbooks. Caution! This is a link post: 【saitom】Melonbooks exclusive saitom’s original character B2 tapestry【C95】

  • 2018年11月8日
  • 2019年1月4日

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Original Soundtrack Talk show & Autograph event by its composers

The OST for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 was out on May 23, when the composers’ talk show and the autograph event took place. All of the four composers were supposed to participate on that day only, so I decided to go to the first venue, Tokyo Shinjuku instead of the last one Osaka. Please note that there may be something obscure about this post because it was about 6 months back.