Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Illustration contest (90%complaint)

The contest was originally supposed to release its result in summer, but today Oct. 22 all awardees were finally unveiled.

I participated in the competition though I suck at drawing, and as expected was not selected, not even making it to the final.

From what I’ve seen, there are a ton of award-winning artworks that are filled with their affection and enthusiasm, but at the same time, I do believe they draw something on a daily basis unlike me.


In other words, you are not competitive if you can’t draw well and that’s pretty much it.

Meanwhile, good artists and poor ones might have been broken down into one group or into the other and I might have lost among the poor group, which seemed relatively small.

Good ones possibly competed against a lot more skillful people, but still not in the same league as us, I think.

My zeal did not surpass theirs,  can’t deny it actually. I’m just another noob whose first entrance is Xenoblade 2, after all.

Despite all of that, the special prizes… I wanted to get one so badly…I wish I could’ve confirmed that they did enjoy my drawing.

Anyway, Congrats to all the award-winners! I’m very very very jelly. Of course, you must not sell them just for a small amount of money. Doing it will insult not only the developers but also losers.


I’d say people abroad will feel it’s a pity that they are not eligible for participation due to the region restriction. I know it can’t be helped but still seems unfair.

I’m going on about what’s done, which is admittedly not good at all, but according to the USB incident it’s obvious some people take a tad longer to accept the result or reality, and so, unfortunately, it is the case with me. I’m sure I am a weakling.


It’s not manly of me to cite you guys abroad; not any different from a kid crying out for toys. How childish am I?


However, my pain will be surely mitigated as time goes by. What I can do for now is to put an end to my misery and step forward. I’m gonna make myself more enthusiastic for the game in case there is another contest.


I think I should learn to draw…?