The Pros and Cons of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 in Japan.

As of Sep. 2018, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 has sold 1.3 million plus copies worldwide, which is outselling past games in the series. Despite the biggest sales, some people consider it to be inferior to the first one, Xenoblade Chronicles.

So why is it that polarizing?


Anti-people have this to say:

・The character designs look intended for moe-pigs((They’re so-called moe-buta萌え豚 in Japanese), who only have eyes for cute girls.)) and disgusting.

・The game has a load of explicit scenes that seem like light novels and Narō works((Narō (abbreviation for Shōsetsuka ni narō or 小説家になろう in Japanese)is a website for novelist-wannabes, who are criticized quite often for the unsophisticated storylines and texts arising from lack of common knowledge as is also the case with light novels.)).

・The female characters (designed by Masatugu Saito) wear skimpy outfits that they find unnecessary.

・Any battles boil down to “Do Chain Attack and you’ll be ok“.

・Although some enemies such as Maros and Jin are attractive, the party members are not, especially in comparison with those of Xenoblade Chronicles.

・The bottom line is this game is not as notable as the last one is.

From what they’ve been bitching about, they’re just disappointed that it met their expectations without success; not what they wanted to be.

So they don’t like the game, fair enough, but that doesn’t give them the right to condemn it in public, even if on the bulletin board. They’d better keep in mind they’re not even Xenoblade fans anymore, but mind-broken monsters reiterating futile arguments.


On the other hand, many people are in favor of Xenoblade Chronicles 2, proved by the fact that it has sold more than 300,000 copies in the nation alone. The figure is remarkable enough when we think of Xenoblade X’s flop((I’m not saying it’s a bad game, tho. Don’t get me wrong.)), which was greatly affected by the poor sales of WiiU.

As described above, some people may not like the character designs, but it can’t be denied that they caught the eyes of people as well other than the moe-pigs.

The game has awesome bgm and the anti-people will have to agree with the fans there.

It may share something in common with Narō and midnight anime((It refers to anime that are broadcast late at night and have not only suggestive but graphic descriptions such as harem and gropes.)), but who cares? I don’t’ give a shit. Every game has their downsides, none of them are perfect. Just look on the bright side. It’s unhealthy to stick to the negative one.

Monolith has added a ton of fun-to-play DLC. The most magnificent of them is ‘Torna the golden country‘.

“It’s worth playing and I prefer it to the main game.” some people said.


Noisy minorities should shut the fuck up and eternally get immersed in the good old days, and don’t come back to the reality. Just live in your dreams, and everyone will be happy.


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