Let me tell you what’s going on in Japanese game industries.

  • 2018年10月18日
  • 2019年1月4日
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Japan used to be proud of the best sales on earth for console games, but now I feel like it were way-way back.

These days, more and more smartphone games are becoming popular among Japanese youngsters and perhaps in the other parts of the world.  Good old games that were supposed to be abandoned will be hailed on another platform, yeah that’s great.

You know, however, they have pros and cons when it comes to the risk of paying too much as well as poor-quality contents. Success is not always along with them as most fail to make profits while only a few do.


I grew up with Nintendo, Capcom, and SNK…, all of which have provided console games over the years. Console games are not as popular any longer as those were a decade ago, quite a pity.