Fire Emblem EXPO finally began!

May 4, 2019the day most fire emblem fans anticipated.

It starts at 6 p.m.

We were given early access to the temporary store and artwork gallery at 1 p.m, but when I arrived at Zepp Tokyo, it’s already past 4 p.m; I’d felt inclined to do the sights of Akihabara.

Who is your favorite character?

In this event, disguise yourself as your favorite character, put their name on a whiteboard and you could get a special sticker. I made myself look like Sothe as I’d beaten Radiant Dawn on the previous day and had a few pieces of clothing like nerds often do.

I expected someone to ask me whom I meant my clothes for, but that did not happen. Staff only passed a pen, urging me to write a name. Out of a bundle of pens, I pulled a green one though not intended, which was interesting. “Zelgius” caught my eyes, so I put Sothe close to his name.

On a side note, people did not seem, though not certain, to inscribe not the name of characters they’re wearing like, but none other than their favorite.


It’s not like Sothe is my favorite!


To pick a sticker, you only had to plunge your hand into the box. It had a wide hole that you could easily pull a particular one from.

Mine was the key visual of Fire Emblem EXPO.


Photo-taking with Edelgard!

We were allowed to take some pictures with a cosplayer disguised as Edelgard from the upcoming Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

One shot by me, one more by a staff.

She maintained a serious look, in order to imitate her character more precisely.


I was 5.5 inches tall, and she stood below my eyes so might be petite.

* This has nothing to do with her, there being another cosplayer. It’s りこぴん or Lycopene. The character was Felicia, whom we had seen at every fire emblem event. You may not know of her if you have never been to fire emblem cons in Japan. She’s always wearing like Felicia, so I guess she can be sick and tired of it.

To the best of my knowledge, Comiket 89, which took place in 2015 and was the first participation of FE cipher was her first appearance. It’s been a while since fire emblem fans met her first.


Artwork gallery for Torakia 776.

Fire Emblem Torakia 776 may be unfamiliar to you guys living outside Japan except fire emblem fanatics. So you can skip this chapter.

After the two events, I moved on to the lines for the gallery, which was closed at 8 p.m. However, it started raining while I was waiting in line. In retrospect, I had some rain on the day of the OST event for Xenoblade 2 last May.

I went on to the 2nd floor in 40 minutes. I don’t know much about the game for I’d not beaten it yet, but it’s awesome that the original artworks still last today.

The guy with a professional-like camera was taking pictures in front of me, which was kind of annoying because he’s in my way.


The next post: Fire Emblem EXPO was the greatest show ever for the series!