Trainer (Boy) & Buddy Pikachu PVC Figure Statue (exclusive for Pokemon Center)

The figurine you’re looking at is “Pokemon Center Original figure Buddy Pikachu set( Japanese: ポケモンセンターオリジナルフィギュア相棒ピカチュウセット).”

This thing is small in size, measuring about 3.5cm by 5cm((1.38 inches by 2 inches)).





This statue is not that notable though not half bad considering the costs they spent. I’d say it’ll be finding its position on the desk near a small monitor.

There’s a slight mixture of white parts of their outfits with the colors around them.

Since this is bundled with the game, it’s not a pricy figure, so there’s no use complaining about how they painted it.

It’s not great or bad overall.