Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Original Soundtrack Talk show & Autograph event by its composers

The OST for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 was out on May 23, when the composers’ talk show and the autograph event took place. All of the four composers were supposed to participate on that day only, so I decided to go to the first venue, Tokyo Shinjuku instead of the last one Osaka. Please note that there may be something obscure about this post because it was about 6 months back.


Participating in both events required two tickets. To Tower Record, which was the venue, did I give a phone call to confirm they were still available.

A female employee got my phone call and assured me that she would make sure of OST and tickets. What a relief!!

I had faith in her word and hung up, but little did I know what would be in store for me later…

Arrived in Tokyo!

I did sightseeing in Akihabara on the way to my destination, Tower Record. Tokyo has a bunch of shops and stores in limited spaces, which makes me go astray every time. I managed to make it there in roughly 30 minutes or so with the help of my brand new smartphone.

There was a feature of the OST found in the shop with the related items on sales, one of which was Xenoblade Chronicles’ OST.




Down there, there were some CDs produced by Yasunori Mitsuda((He’s produced a ton of amazing music and beautiful songs like Chrono Trigger since the late 90s. You know he’s closely connected with Xeno series.)), one of the composers for Xenoblade 2.



This pic is a notice for the event.

I found the flyers near the cash register while waiting in line, some of which I took home to add to my collection.

It required me to buy a copy so that I could have access to the site for events. According to my memory, approximately 20 people were forming such a long line it took 10 minutes to get to a register.

However, something that I hadn’t expected happened.




A clerk put a lottery box on the table. I was aware something was wrong before that. Some people had drawn lots, and I saw them doing it. Since I preordered it soon, I expected to be in the front of crowds at the talk show. I realized in a moment that I would be standing back by any chance.

Unfortunately, it was real. My number was 208((The number is 250 in the photo below cause I exchanged it with my sister coming in company with me)) or thereabouts, which meant I’d be staying far back from the stage.




I might’ve been under the illusion that the sooner you preorder, the smaller number you get, but…she did tell me. Either of them made a mistake given that I was right. I can’t take it if it’s true, but what’s done is done anyway…

Oh, my…


This ticket is the one for the autograph event.

The questionnaire to fill in to ask the composers about something you want to know.

A good question didn’t come to mind, and so I filled out the blank as follows:

“How hard did it to come up with those music titles? Perhaps as difficult as music themselves?”


They didn’t take up mine. Yeah, I knew it. Great.


Talk show starts now!

As the talk show was near at hand, participants began to gather around the defined stairs. Among them, there were people from overseas. The game is more popular abroad than in Japan, so it’s natural. Good thing I saw ardent fans regardless of nations.

Aside from that though, we were to wait in line according to our numbers. For no reason, I didn’t think that the number of participants would surpass 200, but I was wrong.

Going upstairs and upstairs, I located my position on the 3rd floor. The staffs made each of us confirm who was in front of and behind the person. Some looked embarrassed, and of course, I was too.

It seemed that we had many adults there who had just finished their work because it’s Wednesday, but not so many minors.

From their appearances, Xenoblade fans had something in common with those of Fire Emblem; I mean, they looked like Otaku or nerds including me, which reminded us of what a friend of mine said:

These days home console gamers have been considered nerds.


I had to admit that’s right although reluctant.

After 20 minutes the long line moved forward. So we were finally there at the booth, and then “Geez! I can’t see ahead! I hate my small height…(in tears)!

I was just like ” I can’t seem to find the real meaning to this~…”.

The pic above is showing the event booth. They were taking pictures due to no recording permitted during the show.


On a side note, something funny happened to us. As you can see the upper part in the pic, there’re a monitor and a pair of speakers. The OST was playing, “Gormott (Day)((One of the best bgm in the game, right?))” came around,  and that’s when some people started singing at the chorus part, just hilarious.

Now, here come the composers!

They appeared on the stage with unanimous applause. From the left, Mitsuda, Tomori Kudo (ACE), CHiCO (ACE), Kenji Hiramatsu and Manami Kiyota.

(If only I could put up the image.)

Since they were too far away to see, I fixed my gaze on the monitor.

As for what they’re talking about, I’m sorry I don’t remember that much. Here’s what I can recollect.


Q. Do you have any schedule for a concert?

A. Not for now, but your supports might make it possible.


Maybe we can get hopes up! Not only Mitsuda but also the other members looked and sounded hopeful and willing to do that!! I guess a lot of people thought along the same line. It could be 2020, the 10th anniversary of Xenoblade Chronicles!

Tomori or Hiramatsu (I forgot which) said it would be a big deal to have a Xenoblade 2 concert. “We find it hard to play in harmony.” He added.


The other thing I can mention is that Kiyota had played Xenoblade Chronicles until playing time maxed out.


In the second half of the show, they told us that they got someone special for us. The one was another music staff((I forgot his name, sorry)), and the other made us get the most hyper on the day.

It’s Masatsugu Saito, the main character designer of Xenoblade Chronicle 2, who created Rex, Pyra and many others.

He said he’s going to behave like one of us, but was discovered and taken away by staffs((or at the discretion of producer Takahashi?)). Anyway, he joined the party.

According to Saito, he’s already determined to draw Pyra and Mythra for the jacket at the time of commission, and yet the original illustration is different from what it looks like now.

Producer Takahashi told him to ensure enough space((perhaps for autographs)), hence the package we know right now.

The show ended past 9 p.m. We took group photos at the end. 200 plus participants met up at Tower Record, showing their affections. I was overwhelmed by their fevers.

Long-awaited autograph event!!

Let’s take a look at their autographs!











I had a chat as well.

Me: I’d like to go to the concert! Please make it real!! I’ll go by any means!

Mistuda: We’ll work hard. (smile on his face)

It’s promising!


Me: Your bgm are…just great! Nothing could be better!

Tomori: You haven’t listened yet? Just enjoy it at home!


Me: (Just praising composers)

CHiCO: Thank you. I’m glad.

She had nice eyes full of powers and energies!


As to Kiyota, I was so nervous and exhausted because of the long trip I didn’t utter any words other than “thank you”. I’m so sorry Ms. Kiyota…

I wanted so bad to shake hands with each of them, but was too afraid.


Anyway, the event made my precious memory and I decided to take good care of their autographs.

It’s worth it. I was very glad to see them.