Kanji T-shirts

Don’t wear Kanji (Chinese Characters written on) T-shirt in Japan or you’ll make a fool of yourself.

Some of you may wonder if “Kanji is stunning to see!” but as a matter of fact, it’s not wise, however great it may be, to walk around in Japan wearing Kanji T-shirt((the one with some Chinese characters on it)). A quick google search reveals that the following things are favorite in the industry: four-character idioms, ninja, samurai, and Japanese subcultures such as anime, manga, and games. Here’s the google search result.


Kanji T-shirts


I have no idea of where these products are from, but maybe somewhere else but Japan. Too often, the Japanese words translated from another language sound really weird.

As in the screenshot, 浪人(rōninis among the most common words adopted for them. The word initially referred to those who didn’t have the master to serve and so couldn’t make a living. In modern times, however, most people associate it with someone who failed to enter college and is studying for the next entrance exam. So hanging out in the T-shirt will make passersby laugh or be in the center of attention, to say the least, because it’s just like you’re calling yourself an idiot.

That being said, you don’t have to take me too seriously. Foreigners in strange shirts don’t seem quite unusual for us. You can have everything your own way unless you are a nuisance. Most of us are so meek we would not attack you needlessly. Don’t be afraid. So if you’re interested,




Kanji T-shirts