【Good Smile Company】Unboxing Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Pyra 1/7 scale figure statue!

Just one year has passed since the announcement last year, and now it’s finally out!! 

First of all

This figure is exclusive for amiami. It’s priced at 19,800 yen including tax, but due to the limited number available, the market will see an outrageous price hike caused by contemptible scalpers.


About this item

Origin: Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Height: about 21cm (8.27 inches)

Scale: 1/7

Sculptured by Akimofu

Painted by Hajime Akimoto

Sale Date: 22/12/2018

Outer Box

On the front of the box is the illustration by Masatsugu Saito, who designed and created Pyra. Nice work, Saito!







Left side




Right side



Let’s see what’s inside!






Instruction manual (showing how to assemble her)


All right, let’s get going! A closer look!!

Without her weapon or wings.







Side, back, and nice ass!












What a beautifully voluptuous butt!!!








Pyra with no curvy hip is not Pyra.









She looks more confident than usual, but still keeps herself as cute.


Just behold her beauty.
















I love her navel so much. So enticing XD


Lighting her up will give you a good view of her navel even if she’s in front.




Makes me feel like Rex in chapter two. Overwhelming boobs.


Something wrong I noticed







Did you find something wrong with her corecrystal? It’s dark green and not the color we see in the actual game: Emerald. Her other parts do justice to her, as in the game, so it’s such a pity that the one on her chests does not.

In conclusion

This figure is highly detailed and almost impeccable except for the corecrystal. It’s more than worth the price. I can’t describe how impressed and satisfied I am!! This Pyra is head and shoulders above the rest of figurines I’ve ever seen, not to say they are inferior.

Unfortunately, we only have access to costly options out there for now.

Amiami, do something!



There is a load of bootlegs circulating such as on eBay and Amazon, and yet I highly recommend you, however much it costs, to get an authorized one because knockoffs can’t emulate the true beauty of this figure.

In displaying this figure, you should place it in front of a mirror so that you can enjoy her seducing butt.