【C95】took part in Comic Market 95. 【3rd day of the Comiket】

I failed on the previous day to fulfill some of my wishlist items as they were out of stock before I could buy, so the third day was too significant to miss out on, and most importantly, I had to catch the first train.
Even though I made sure to set the alarm for 4 a.m…

My sister waked me up, and I found out I got up too late; it’s past 5 a.m, which meant I’d missed the first train.


Geez, I screwed up…” 


There was no use crying over spilled milk. We got ready to leave within thirty minutes, checked out of the hotel and rushed to the Bakurocho St.


Bakurocho station, which looks old.


When it comes to Comiket, you can’t be too early; how soon you arrive is the key to success.  “Time is money” holds true above anything else.


BIG SIGHT crowded with nerds

There had been quite long lines by the time we got there. I saw a lot more people waiting for the opening than the second day. We were kept staying all the way back of the building. With the cold wind gusting along, I was standing around and did not feel like killing time using the smartphone.

I’d say, despite my vague memory, that we were allowed in around ten o’clock. We headed straight off to FE cipher booth so that we could make sure of the stuff. Here’s the result.


got five domiterias and Celica’s tapestry successfully. I did it.


My first Doujin purchase!

On fulfilling my first purpose, I parted there from my sister for I still had something to do on the second floor: to purchase doujin.  Since I was new to the process, I was nervous. Luckily, the west wing had the two illustrators I was looking to buy from—saitom and CHOCO  because these guys have something to do with my favorite game if you know what I mean.

Going down there, I was overwhelmed by the heavy traffic, those coming and going in search of doujin.


This is how Comiket goes…!


There was, however, no time to lose. I began to search for saitom first while checking out where I was over and over again. In ten minutes, I found him and his circle. Do you wonder why I recognized him? Because I’d seen him before. He’s arranging his items but not selling them, nor was the most; that’s not their job.

There were only a few guys in line, so I effortlessly purchased his doujin. I got some relief. I’m not saying he’s unpopular so don’t get me wrong.

Btw I only glanced at his face XD

So I moved on to CHOCO. With the crowds crossing everywhere, saitom and CHOCO was wall-sided and easy to locate, but with my poor eyesight, it took some time to confirm when I found them.

Chocolate shop run by CHOCO was not lined with many, thus providing easy access to his products. The circle had several books to choose from, some of which were the ones CHOCO had been asked to sell. For lack of research, however, I was under the illusion that all the items were his creations. I bought two books: one by CHOCO and the other by someone else—Ototsugu Konoe((His book has FGO illustrations that I’m not familiar with.)).

There was no one but a seller who seemed like CHOCO.

Here are my purchases

DF and F (zimakupiza) by saitom:

Newly issued “DF”


zimakupiza, which is an illustration collection for FGO.

DF is about his original artworks, and F deals with FGO characters.

DF, which is a newly issued doujin comes with two cards: saitom’s original character and the one from FGO that he designed.

A girl from DF on the left, one from FGO on the right


According to CHOCO, people over seven years of age are not eligible for this book and can’t buy it, but except for those with pure minds and mental ages of under seven.


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