Resident Evil RE:2 Unboxning Leon S. Kennedy figure statue!

I’ve been waiting long enough to play Resident Evil 2, and it’s out now. Are you guys having fun? It’s been ages since I got immersed in a game last time.

So then, I unbox Mr. Kennedy’s figure, which comes with “BIOHAZARD RE:2 COLLECTOR’S EDITION”.

Large in size

This figure stands 30cm tall that is equivalent to 1/6 scale, which is so huge. The towering man makes 1/7 scale look even smaller.

His base is so thick, measuring 3cm.





Engraved with his name, LEON S. KENNEDY.


The texture

As figures go, it’s painted in darker colors with a hard texture. Just imagine a monster statue such as Gozzila and you’ll get some idea. Any characters from Resident Evil are realistic, I mean, not from the fantasy world, so that’s pretty much it.


His back tells us a lot.







I’d say we can count on this guy protecting us. He is the man! Awesome.

Serious look















He has a cleft chin, which is a shame but is just true to RE2 design.


In conclusion

1/6 scale looks appealing. The sculptor does him justice as if he came out of the screen.

The problem is that he is alone. He should’ve taken Claire too. Ada is acceptable, though.