Unboxing Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Acrylic Art board!

The long-awaited acrylic board finally arrived a few days ago. The board is a meet-up for the characters designed by Masatsugu Saito. Only for My Nintendo store, it’s a limited offer and currently unavailable for preorder or purchase.

This post contains some spoilers.
Viewer discretion is advised.

This item is out of stock for now, and unfortunately, there’s a slim chance of resale.


Unavailable for now, or perhaps it’s gone for good?


It’s a good thing that Nintendo has produced a wide variety of items for the game, but IMO they haven’t made a sufficient effort to ensure the right quantity. The New Year’s card, Pyra and Mythra figures, and this acrylic board—all of them are for lottery or limited offer. I’m not sure if they’re even trying to make any profit.

I know it’s so hard to do business on the limited budgets, but still, they should consider how many people want to get something.

(I found the acrylic board at 300 plus bucks on Yahoo Auction. Every time I see something outrageous, the first thing I do is to sigh.)


About this item
Price:13,500 yen(9,450 yen with 30% off coupon)
Size:B4 257mm×364mm
Material :Acryl
Others:Only one item for each


How is it packaged?

Inside a flat cardboard box is a smaller one. Let’s open the box.





Here comes the acrylic board! It’s covered with nothing but the bubble wrap that served as a shock absorber, which was as simple as ever. They might’ve at least wrap it in opp bag in order to keep it intact; this may be the effect of cost reduction.

Unwrap it!


Rex, Pyra, and Mythra—all of them are Saito’s creation((Gramps, however, is designed by someone else from Monolith.)).


They’re all illustrated by Saito, the main character designer.


The beautifully printed illustration comes out nicely through the high-quality acryl. It has some reflection but is not as noticeable as a 4k tv screen.

Displayed on the shelf.



Displayed with the door closed — still nice view.



Rex is enjoying himself with his beloved blades. He’s quite outgoing, so his popularity stands to reason.


I’m wondering if Mythra is willing to be hand in hand with Rex? She would blush and have this to say.


I’m doing this because Pyra insists! I-it’s not for you! Don’t get me wrong!


I find Pneuma cute, but she doesn’t show up so often, but only a bit in the second half of the game. I long for her figure as well.

Tora with a wink seems like Saito’s favorite. I’ve seen him winking quite often. As it turned out afterward, he’s closing his right eye only this time.

At my first sight btw, I thought he had three legs XD

Gramps on Tora’s hand is pretty.


closing my right eye this time, meh.



As you can see, there are some characters from “Torna the Golden country.”


Zeke and Pandoria are sticking together like the Rex team, which is good to see.

How to display it?

The board has a string and wood framework installed. In my case, the framework kept me from leaning it against a shelf wall.


The string is not that long, what is it supposed to be?


After a while, I worked out a solution: to wrap an extra string around styrofoam to combine with the back of the board. Nevertheless, that’s not enough to stand still, so I put stands beneath both ends.

I initially intended the stands for CD display of the game, never expected to use ‘em like this, what a coincidence!


I might’ve knocked it slightly damaged, but it remains intact at a glance, fair enough.

In conclusion


How brilliant!!