Let’s see Xenoblade 2 Alrest Record!

Xenoblade 2 Official Artworks “Alrest Record” is finally out. This book with 300 plus pages is what you’ll find exhausting to keep reading.

About this item
Date of issue: 2/12/2019
Price: 3,132yen (around 28 bucks)
Size: A4
Number of pages: 352 pages
Publisher: KADOKAWA




The cover

Brandnew illustration by Masatsugu Saito.

The cover features Pyra and Mythra. “I draw this artwork wondering how they’d have been relaxing after the quest was over,” Saito says.


As you can see, we have the flag’s designs for Titans on the back cover. Quite impressive!!


How is it inside the back cover?

Illustrated by CHOCO


Great, beautiful, and fun to see artworks!

This one is the image intended for their figures. Since I wanted to see the whole picture so bad, good thing the book has it.


There are some commentaries on Gramps. Considering that Gramps has a load of unused designs, what we see now looks the best, and so do the others. The combination of the illustrators and developers made those characters appealing.


Not for reference…?

When you buy this thing, you’d be disappointed if you’re for unseen information, but if not, this book is satisfactory enough because of the beautiful artworks worth viewing.

On the blade introduction page, there’s a commentary for each artist. You’ll learn there how they designed and created their characters.  It’s quite a pity that some characters are obscure in shrunk prints.

This book shares some artworks in common with the one that comes with Collector’s edition.

In conclusion

If you’re for artworks, then buy it. I bet these artworks will make you happy. I promise.